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How I became a Solution Architect in less than 5 years!

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    After reading the first part of my success story on the famous blog sfdc99, many have requested me to explain what I'm doing right now and when will I reveal the remaining story since the previous part does not cover everything. I have received several requests asking me to explain how I became an architect in Roche as well. This part is not covered in part -1 of my success story in sfdc99. Hence, on public demand, this is part -2 of my full story where I have explained how I became a Solution Architect in Roche. I highly recommend you to read the part - 1 of my success story in sfdc99 in order to understand this part.

    The title isn't a click-bait, Yes, it's true that I became an architect having just 4.5 years of corporate IT experience. Believe me, it's definitely not impossible and you all have the most important thing to achieve this - will power. That's why you're here!

    Interested to know how I did it and how you can do the same? Just follow along and look for the quick tips

    I was a freelancer before coming into the corporate world right after my graduation. I was basically a freelance graphic designer and website developer. I won't count that experience since that was even before I graduated. So, my actual experience working with companies was only about 4.5 years.

    After working on some RFPs and POCs for some time in UST Global alongside my Salesforce development tasks, I was intrigued and more fascinated towards solutions and architecture. I loved designing and thinking deeply about how to efficiently solve a problem (remember, there's a difference between solving a problem and efficiently solving a problem). So, whenever I have to develop something, I would first think about what are all the possible ways to solve the problem rather than directly starting to solve the problem.

    By that time, I had already completed most of the architect certifications and was already excited about the Architect track. I had 17X certifications at that time when other companies started approaching me for an architect position.

    Just a quick tip: "Investment on yourself to build your knowledge is the best investment you can ever do in your life". I didn't mind investing in myself as long as it enhances my knowledge and forte. Don't give it a second thought, just go for it! Any other investment might be short term but this one is definitely a long term investment.

    Never underestimate yourself and always think you're capable of doing things!

    The worst thing you could do to your career is underestimating yourself but that doesn't mean you should overestimate yourself. Always have a thinking process like "I can do it!" however, at the same time always remember whatever you learn, there's always more to learn. You'll never run out of resources to enhance your knowledge.

    Anyways, during that time, I was approached by a talent acquisition specialist from Roche. I was interviewed by them and believe me, it wasn't easy to prove that I'm capable of handling the Solution architect role because that time I had just 4.5 years of experience in the IT industry. they had other options as well and they had to choose just one person for the role. I had merely fewer chances of getting selected because I was the youngest candidate with less experience trying to compete for that role. However, I didn't focus on what I didn't have, rather I focussed on what I have, My knowledge! and made it my strongest point to compete with everyone else. There was no point in underestimating myself for not being older like the other candidates!

    Believe me, when you stop bothering about what you don't have and start focusing on what you have and what you can improve, I can guarantee you that You'll be successful one day.

    I played hard with my knowledge and believed in myself that I could compete and get the role. I had to even face few tough questions like why I should be hired and not the ones with more experience working in Salesforce and IT industry and after a tough 6 months process, finally, I got the offer from Roche to join them as a Salesforce Solution Architect!

    Moral of the story

    Always trust in yourself, keep building your knowledge and don't focus on what you don't have or can't control, focus on what you have and what you can improve. One day your knowledge and expertise will reward you back!

    A special thanks to:

    1. My Family - For always supporting me in whatever I do.
    2. David Liu - The person I look up to. I thank David for always motivating me and spreading my success story through his blog sfdc99.
    3. Krupa Krishna - For keeping me motivated.

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